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Art Side of Life

Jun 18, 2019

Hey, guys! In this episode, I am chatting with Kevin Murphy, an internationally recognized award-winning portrait painter and illustrator. 

We talk about his art education program Evolve Artist , a comprehensive home-study art program that gives students a clear path to artistic mastery with oil paint.

At a fraction of the costs, it challenges the traditional Art schools education and delivers consistent results to the students over and over again. 

Understanding that technical proficiency is the underpinning of all good art, Evolve offers a rigorous program to develop these skills. Employing a unique approach of contemporary methods built upon the traditions of the old masters, Evolve provides an education that quickly delivers results to its students.

Students in the Evolve program use custom mixed Old Holland paints which ensure that everyone works with only the best materials from day one. Everything you need is included inside a box that gets mailed to you as you complete each part of the course.

Your exercises are reviewed by the Evolve instructor team who have apprenticed under master-painter Kevin Murphy.

Students from all over the world connect in the online community and motivate each other as they share their journeys and progress through the program.

*Please note: I am Evolve Artist Program's affiliate partner. This means I get paid a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use my link to make a purchase. Thank you for supporting Art Side of Life!

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